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Olivier Lavergne

Dr Olivier Lavergne is the founder and CEO of Chem4LS, a consultancy in medicinal chemistry and preclinical research. After studying industrial chemistry in Lyon 5France) he moved to Wayne State University in Detroit (Michigan) where he obtained his PhD with Pr Carl Johnson. Starting his carreer with the Beaufour-Ipsen group in Barcelona (Spain) and pursuing at the Henri Beaufour Institute in Paris (France), he has contributed to numerous research projects with small molecules, peptides and small proteins.

Dr Lavergne has extensive experience in drug design in disease areas spanning oncology, endocrinology and CNS, employing a wide array of approaches including immune check-point modulation, DNA intercalation, cross-linking and damaging agents, cell cycle control check-points, steroid-cascade enzymes inhibition, phosphatase and kinase inhibitors, GPCR ligands and allosteric modulation. Dr Lavergne current research interests include novel modalities of drug discovery including Deap Learning methods.

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