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Pierre Saintigny

Pierre Saintigny, MD, PhD, is a medical oncologist and physician-scientist at regional and OECI-certified cancer center Centre Léon Bérard (CLB). He is affiliated to the Department of Medical Oncology, team leader (Integrated analysis of the dynamics of cancer) and co-Director of the Department Tumor Escape Resistance and Immunity at Cancer Research Center of Lyon (UMR INSERM 1052 CNRS 5286 - Centre Léon Bérard). Both his training as a postdoctoral and clinical fellow and his first faculty position as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Thoracic/Head and Neck Medical Oncology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, led him to focus most of his own research in the lung and head and neck field. Contributions to the prevention of oral cancer.

His training as a postdoctoral fellow and clinical fellow under the mentorship of Li Mao, Scott M. Lippman and Waun Ki Hong at M.D. Anderson led him to focus most of his research in the prevention field and to be awarded 2 Career Development Awards by the University of Texas Lung and Head and Neck Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPORE). He is working on identifying biomarkers to stratify patients with oral potentially malignant disorders (e.g. oral leukoplakia), and to identify new interception strategies. In collaboration with Paolo Bossi, Brescia, IT and Senada Koljenovic, Rotterdam, NL, he is leading INTERCEPT (INTercEption of oRal CancEr develoPmenT), an action that brings new paradigm to disease management of oral potentially malignant disorders (OPMD). Relying on excellent translational research, patient care and education in EU in the field of cancer medicine, INTERCEPT will develop future strategies of personalized preventive approaches for OPMD.

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