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Hélène Castel-gandolfo

Hélène Castel has started to develop different variants of the electrophysiological technique at the University of Rouen in the Neuroendocrinology laboratory of Dr Vaudry (U413 Inserm) to give a comprehensive view of modulation of the GABAA receptor-channel by interacting proteins in the central nervous system. She received her PhD in Neurosciences, Molecular and Cell Biology at the Rouen University in 2000.

She then has joined the Pr Colquhoun’s laboratory at University College of London (UCL, UK) for 2 years on a post-doctoral position. There, she has developed fast-concentration-jump techniques to mimic electrical fast synaptic inputs on recombinant NMDA receptors and established the key role of the glycine sites of the NMDA receptor subunits on channel kinetic activation.

In 2002, she became researcher (CR) at Inserm and became in 2010 leader of the team “Astrocyte and Vascular Niche”. She is now Research Director at Inserm, head of the new team “Genetics, Biology and Plasticity of Brain Tumors” within the Cancer and Brain Genomics Unit (U1245 Inserm) and co-head of the international platform “Cancer and Cognition” under the French North-West Canceropole. She develops translational projects on G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and G proteins in neuroinflammatory and neurovascular functions and on the development of high-grade gliomas (angiogenesis and invasion), on dialogs between tumoral and proliferating and invasive brain cells, on genetic risks of brain tumors, on the impact of cancer and cancer therapies on brain function and on local strategies for glioma treatment and functional rehabilitation in preclinical models.

She has published 111 scientific papers and gave around 55 national or international conferences.

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